"Too many beautifully written books are rejected on a regular basis because the submitting author doesn’t have a strong enough author platform. The barriers for authors are getting higher and the publishing industry less discerning and more unscrupulous. By operating a hybrid publishing model, Cranthorpe Millner can invite authors to publish with us based on the merit of the manuscript alone."

Kirsty-Ellen Smillie

Kirsty-Ellen is Managing Director and Senior Editor. She is passionate about high quality literature and publishing authors whose work deserves to be recognised in the literary world. She brings with her not just an understanding of the competitive book world, but also a compassion for authors. Honest, strong and positive relationships with all our authors is the most important thing to her.

David Hahn

David is our Chairman. Having worked for Sky TV and as a recording engineer for the likes of CBS, DJM and Apple, he heads up the Celebrity Division of the company. He also brings with him profuse, unrivaled contacts to aid in the all important exposure of Cranthorpe Millner’s authors: the heart, root and soul of the company itself.

It is important to us that every author we ultimately choose to offer a publishing agreement to knows that we give all of our authors a traditional house experience. Every author receives traditional distribution and an experienced editorial and production team, while allowing the author to retain full ownership of the project.

We endeavour to respond to every author who submits a manuscript to us within three weeks, even if it’s bad news. Should we wish to work with you, you will be contacted by our Acquisitions team to discuss the terms we would like to offer you. Please note, all of our authors receive:


- Comprehensive line and developmental editing, in direct consultation with yourself


Copyright filing, obtaining your ISBN and organising Public Lending Rights


- Traditional distribution to the trade
- Fulfilment of all orders on short-run printed books (author or customer pays shipping)

Marketing & PR

- High-level PR and marketing support
- High-end custom cover design, eBook file conversion and upload
- Support and management of title metadata