Has your manuscript been rejected time and again by agents and editors, and you can’t figure out why? Have you lost objectivity, to the point you can no longer see what’s working and what isn’t? If you’re tired of submitting on blind hope time and again and you need someone to help support you and guide your manuscript to its potential, you may be a candidate for an Appraisal with Kirsty-Ellen.

Kirsty-Ellen has been an Editor for eight years, after graduating with a Masters Degree from Edinburgh University, and has worked as the Head of a busy Acquisitions Department in one of the largest independent publishers in the UK. Time and time again, she has seen the red flags that turn off agents and publishers, and she knows the strategies that keep them engaged. Most agents and publishers ask to see your opening 10,000 words – are those words strong enough to escape the slush pile?

If you qualify for an Appraisal with Kirsty-Ellen, she will give your manuscript the developmental support it deserves, via an in-depth assessment of your first 10,000 words, identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing you with developmental editing so your work is ready for publishers and readers. This will be an honest evaluation, and it may be brutal, but ultimately it should be eye-opening, empowering, and invaluable for those authors who are ready to see how their work will measure up in the competitive publishing industry.